Another Day in Paradise

Overview Installation Video Essay


Palm tree 1

The first palm plays a continuous loop of a video. We see the architectural surface of Orange County and hear the story of Vi Vuong, a Ph.D. student at UC Irvine.

real stream , 24 min


Palm tree 2

The second palm has hidden surveillance cameras in the trunk and the monitors mirror the viewer and the immediate surroundings. It is silent.

real stream , 3:30 min


Palm tree 3

The third tree is interactive with an integrated computer and touch screen.

Click to view the clips shown in the video tree


The artist about the installation

Installation - Explained by Victoria Vesna

The artifical nature of our environment.(444kb)

Surveillance Tree (443kb)

Woman Tree (374kb)

Caution about the seduction of technology.(1Mb)

The video in the tree (580kb)