"The WWW and the New Art Marketplace"

Date: Thursday February 11, 1999
Time: 8:00 to 10:30 pm
Place: Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall Room 404 A&B

This session will focus on emerging artistic practices on the networks building on ideas of conceptual artists and contemporary philosophers who question the role of authorship, institutions and commerce in the arts.

The discourse centers around the idea that the existing art market is developed and propagated by philosophies that run counter to works of networked arts and distributed art environments. Papers of interest are those that address questions such as: If artwork is no longer constrained by physical space, objecthood or gallery systems, how does the artist/audience relationship change? How does collective knowledge manifest itself when not directly related to corporate structure, specifically in relation to creative communities? What forms may creative knowledge take in the world of electronic commerce? What kind of possible scenarios may arise in relation to art practice and education? How does creative activity in which artists conceptualize and design information or knowledge architectures consisting of a number of disciplines and communities get a name and place in academia and popular culture without getting absorbed in the production process?


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