The simplistic metaphor of the tap conveys the elemental nature of transitive flow within the interactive DRIP installation. This live virtual tap cycles in accordance with notions of life and death, flow changes, movements are somewhat random, although controlled.

Text displayed, however briefly, is taken out of context to highlight images of the intertwining and interconnection of life and death. Physical control of the interface, or life, is investigated through time-based delayed user mouse control as a part of the exhibit.

Please do not be alarmed if mouse feedback is interrupted momentarily - like with the rest, flow will continue in an instant.

Live Shockwave version (121KB)

From the first look at the stars wondering what's beyond to a recent glance at a flowing river wondering where did it come from - physical and conceptualized limits and barriers of life and death are continually moving and shifting.

DRIP is a small part of an ongoing series of work investigating time, life, death, space and memory as parts of an elemental concept called flow.

A filmmaker and multimedia producer, Mark is creator and co-director of FIVA, The Festival of Virtual Media Arts, an event dedicated to the exhibition of new media arts.

FIVA is a presentation of Zone Productions of Montréal in collaboration with Media Renaissance Inc.