Bouquet: lead flowers is a public monument about the impact of guns on our culture.

The lead flower is a photograph of an enlarged Starfire hollow point bullet that has been fired through gelatin and expanded upon impact.  Recontextualized as traditional flower photography, the Starfire hollowpoint bullet is a symbol of both moratorium and horror. 

How have guns changed your life?  Please submit your ideas, stories and opinions in response to this question.  Some areas of interest might be:  the availability of guns and the right to bear arms,  the image of the gun in American culture and the scientific relationship with increasing street violence and consequently the development of powerful and more deadly munitions.

Not outside the range of this discussion is the need to witness the trauma people have suffered as a direct result of guns being a fact of everyday life.  The potential for any one of us being the victim of a violent death is real. The resulting anxiety is being played out in the legislature and in our popular entertainment and news media. This site is a collective place to share our relationship with the gun, real or imaginary, and to discuss the larger issues its existence raises.

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