Marjorie Franklin is a conceptual artist using digital media to create interactive installations and videos. Her interactive computer/video and computer/audio installations have been shown in the U.S., Canada and inEurope. Her work focuses on the culture of computer technology and implications for humans of the growing computer/human symbiosis in industrialized countries.

She is an Assistant Professor of Intermedia Arts at Northern Illinois University. Currently, she is working on "Digital Blood", an interactive narrative about two mothers, the artificial life construct they create, and its relationship with their babies. "Digital Blood" will be published on CD-ROM in October, 1996.

   Artist's Statement:(mortal coil)

Marjorie Franklin, Mortal Slide (The BIOS) 1996 BIOS=Basic Input Output System. Mortal Slide is an interactive sound environment in which the slide between biologically-driven and computer-driven culture is auralized.