Christine Tamblyn is a multimedia artist/theorist who has published more than 100 articles and reviews in a variety of periodicals and anthologies.

Her two CDROMs, She Loves It, She Loves It Not: Women and Technology and Mistaken Identities have been shown internationally in England, Germany, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Argentina, Canada and Finland as well as featured at many museums, galleries and conferences in the United States.

   Artist's Statement:

"Virtual Death" is a series of four computer-generated iris prints that deal with the theme of what death might mean in virtual realms. The prints constitute a narrative in the order "Void," "Paradise," "Heaven," "Tomb." The texts embedded in the images are derived from accounts of near deathexperiences by people who died and were medically resuscitated.

These texts have aspects of indecipherability and abstraction that relate to the intrinsic characteristics of the digital mode. The texts are paired with allusive images referencing death and sexual ecstacy as states of ego dissolution. The digital collaging of disparate images to create the prints partakes of a similar process of boundary collapse.