June 21st - July 2nd
NanoLab Summer Institute

Online program:

East / West coast: July 1 -- Started joint position UCLA / Parsons Visiting Professor and Director of Research at Parsons the New School of Design's ART, MEDIA + TECHNOLOGY program.

Blue Morph and Zerowave receive award for best art work at the Shanghai International Science and Art exhibition. May, 2008.

Blue Morph on Swedish NPR

Documentation of Blue Morph by Claes Andersson

Documentation at the Exploratorium: Art NANO

Check for the latest activities at UCLA Art | Science Center, UC DARnet and the Department of Design | Media Arts.


Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflow

UCLA Author BookZone Interview
Studio 360 Radio Interview about Blue Morph



UC Digital Arts Research Network exhibitions:

Uncertain Future, New Media Art & Games
Lectures Cycle in Beijing, China, starting in April



September 25th -- October 25th. Sky & Universe group exhibition, curated by Miriam Durango. Showing the Nanomandala and Zerowave. TANK, Tenerife, Spain

Dec 8 - 2011. Nanomandala, Fluid Bodies, Zero@wavefunction, Quantum tunnel at the Singapore Science Museum

August 3rd
SIGGRAPH 09, New Orleans. "Katrina Project", Information Aesthetics.

August 7th -- October 25th "Hox Zodiac" premieres at the Incheon International Digital Art Festival, Korea

November 13-22nd. Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong. "Transient Nature". Water Bowls: drop ~ sound ~ oil

NEW YEAR 2010: BLUE MORPH at the Integratron!

Los Angeles – July 25-29th

SIGGRAPH, LA Convention center
"20XX. EDU: Grand Challenges in Education"
A joint effort by ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, the SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference, and Leonardo/ISAST
Leonardo Town Hall Meeting and Leonardo Education and Art Forum
Meeting Wed 28 3:45 PM - 5:45 PM
Ellen Levy will be presenting materials (remote participation)

Belgrade – August 25th – September 7th

Two of my students from UCLA will join a large group of students from over 20 art academies and universities around the world to celebrate the tenth year of Real Presence. I will join at the end to see the final exhibition.

Barcelona – September 30th – October 3rd -- Workshop

Eighth edition of Find New frontiers of science, art and thought
Sat October 2
Marta Male 12 - FabLab IAAC (all day)
--- H Citilab Matter exhibition
17h Victoria Vesna (UCLA-sciart) - Oron Catts (Symbiotic)
Field Science, Arts, Santa Monica

Aalborg, Denmark, October 15th – Exhibition and lecture

HOX ZODIAC + BLUE MORPH -- Aalborg, Denmark. "BIOTOPIA - Art in the Wet Zone" (part of the Art Festival "PORT 20:10 - Contemporary Art and Social Technology". The space is the new Utzon Centre, build by the Danish Architect Jan Utzon (Sydney Opera), October 15th –

Florence. October 25th-29th – Exhibition and Workshop

BLUE MORPH -- ACM Multimedia 2010, International Conference, Florence, Italy – “Colorito: a fresh view on color”, ACM MM Interactive Art Program, the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence. October 25th-29th

Lectures / Artists Talks / Panels:

Trondheim, Norway, Nov 3-7th – Lecture

Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre

Meta.Morf 2010 - New.Brave.World!
biennial for art and technology

The 11th Consciousness Reframed
International Research Conference
Making Reality Really Real

June 15th-16th

Workshop with students from newly established Art Sci program.
June 15th: Public talk
University of Applied Arts, Vienna

June 21st

Visit MINATEC: IDEA day and view exhibition of their Artist residency program.
Grenoble, France

June 24-26th

Pompidue-Metz Centre: Lecture “Sound of Thought: Metamorphosis of the Human Animal”, at the “Le pire n’est jamais certain, la création plastique à l’épreuve des risques majeurs” (The Worst is Never Certain, Visual Arts and Creativity Facing Major Risks) conference.

August 3rd

Information Aesthetics panel, SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans

September 14-16th

Artists talk at the NISE Net Annual Meeting (Southwest Region)

September 25th - October 25th

Sky & Universe group exhibition, curated by Miriam Durango
TANK, Tenerife

October 12th, Lecture

Media Art, Nanoscience & Spirituality triangle
Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Barcelona

November 13-22nd

Exhibition: Water Bowls installation: Nature Transformer
Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong.

November 15th

Conference: Eco_Visualization: Combining Art and Technology to reduce energy consumption.
Keynote lecture: "Sound Thinking in Art Making: Ghosts, Quantum Tunnel & Butterflies"